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Having endorsed Romney, it’s not how we would have liked to see the outcome of the election.  So where are we now?  Exactly where we were 2 months before the election.  It’s the same President, same House of Representatives, same Senate, so no change.  We need to look “Forward”.

We still have high unemployment and no visible sign of material improvement. Our government is still spending $1 Trillion more per year than we have in our tax income bank account. Our debt is at $16.2 Trillion and will be at $20 Trillion by 2016, our entitlements will not be sustainable when we reach 2030.  Our average take home pay is now $4,000 less.  Our healthcare, while it has helped those with pre-existing condition and closed some loopholes, is still a government tax and will cost tax payers more money for goods and services in the coming 4 years.  Our country inflation is climbing.  Iran is still chasing for a nuclear bomb and Israel is still at risk.  The middle east is under turmoil and we are still at risk in the west from jihad terrorists.

So let’s speculate and try to move the discussion “forward” in some sort of order.  The first domino coming is the Fiscal Cliff.  If nothing is done, and that’s a high probability (see article on Harry Reid) all tax cuts will revert to prior to Bush era and there will be mandatory cut in Defense and various other areas within the government (excluding Social Security, Federal Benefits and Veterans Benefits).  So is going back to Clinton era taxes bad?  No. But the difference is, the economy is a mess and the resulting tax burden will hit all income levels and those hardest hit in the last four years, middle income will be the most devastated moving more into poverty and government dependency.  This will result in a continued, if not worsening housing market, our unemployment will not get better and in fact may rise, but let’s say there is no improvement at a minimum.

Onto government cuts and the second domino to fall, a nuclear Iran.  Can we sustain military and other government cuts? Yes.  It’s impact is uncertain, except if we look at history the USA has never had period where we weren’t at some sort of war or military engagement.  But we will still have military dominance.  As discussed during the Presidential debates, the time is coming when Iran may successfully produced a nuclear weapon. We have such high potential to either be in a military engagement, or watch our Israel friends go it along.  Beyond the military, the cuts also means more unemployment or a third domino, remember those that WARN Act requirements for January by the military suppliers?  While one can conclude that they don’t have to give the WARN notice, because this is a situation beyond “their control”, it’s still a high probability. The probability of layoffs in other government sectors is also a high possibility (of course they could cut something else?).

Deficit and debt reduction.  We have seen no plan. None, nada, zilch.  So, the forth domino is a continued downgrade in our credit rating, inability to get reasonable rate loans or worse we are called to pay back our debt as the credit falls.  This lack of control of fiscal management means we have the potential for further economic collapse, further recession.  Our dollar will continue to fall, inflation will rise and the middle class will be further decimated.

The fifth domino, our population will fall into a further level of dependency, welfare, unemployment and food stamps. They will need it!  But where will the money come from?  Higher taxes.  There will be continued rise in taxing the rich and anyone whom makes any money, to pay for these social programs.

Wow, this sounds bad.  Because it is!    We need jobs to raise government revenue.  One working is one less on government dependency.  It has the potential to double the reduction on the deficit if a citizen whom is dependent on a government assistance is now a tax paying citizen.  We remove the pay out and bring in the tax income.  It’s a win/win.  I don’t see any plan to increase jobs.  I see plans in increase taxes, I see plans to secure entitlements, but jobs?

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Where should we stand?  There are those that believe we should be come isolationist and just look out for ourselves and not engage on the global forum.  There are those that think we should assert ourselves and police the globe.  Well I think neither are correct.   No matter which way we sway, isolation or policeman, we need to maintain constitutional authority.  Has our leadership strayed  in exercising authority where authority didn’t exist?  Our branches of government MUST keep the other in check, specifically when it comes to

Foreign Affairs.  There is clarity in the constitution as to how war is to be engaged and whom has authority and what the limits are, how international trade and treaties are to be made and the administrative authority to do the same.  Independent of which party, what policies are to be engaged, these must be constitutional.

There are many aspects to foreign affairs, but let’s focus on three pillars; 1) Trade and international economy, 2) United Nations 3) War

International trade has been around for centuries and existed well before the United States existed.  It was a way for one nation to obtain items which their nation didn’t have in exchange for items that their nation had in excess.  It also was used to maintain peace between nations by showing their mutual respect of one another through the goods they traded.  Having treaties and international trade used to be the most important aspect of international relations.  So I ask, where has the United States been lately?  In the past 4 years there have been 3 international trade arrangements made and those were years in the making.  So why are we not looking at international trade in such a way to foster stronger ties with our Allies and fostering opportunity for engagement with those we want to have as Allies?    Instead we give foreign aid through the State Department as a sign of our desire to “become friends”?  When we give money where does it really go?  Does it really have the intended affect?  What did we really get in return?  We need to look at our Foreign aid program differently.  We should forge trade arrangements, this way there is a two way commitment and both parties can see if they are getting what was intended about of the relationship.  We must take a 21st century approach instead of the cold-war era throw money at it approach.  In reality, we have to borrow the money anyway.  Proverbs 22:7 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.  Whether or not you are religious, this statement holds true, let’s not be the borrower anymore.  We have assets in the way of food, we are one of the largest growers of food in the world, why don’t we trade real food for oil?    When we give money or weapons do we really help the people of the nation we are giving it to?  We certainly have to be smarter than we are acting.

After World War I, the United Nations or rather the League of Nations was established in
1919 under the Treaty of Versailles to promote international cooperation and achieve peace and security.  During World War II, on January 1, 1942 this evolved into the United Nations by having 26 countries come together to continue fighting together against Axis Powers.  Today the United Nations has evolved into something else than countries coming together to fight “Axis Powers”.  Ok the Axis is gone, but should the spirit be thrown away?  We have continued global threats affecting many nations, Jihad is real, many UN nations have been directly attacked by Jihad, yet the UN is denouncing Canada for their “lack of national child rights strategy“, really?  Yet, do nothing about the human rights violations of the Taliban and continuing in Afghanistan and across the Middle East?  The United Nations has become a political travesty.   The United States needs to be wary of and concerned with the our Sovereignty in relation to what the United Nations is trying to do globally.  We cannot succumb our Sovereignty to any nation or group of nations.  The latest is the United States is being “monitored” buy the UN for our November 6, 2012 election.  Huh?  The same UN that has China and Russia as leaders in the “Security Council” and won’t support true violations of human rights.  While I’m not professing that the United States should leave the UN, I believe we should not fall into the belief that our Sovereignty should be places second to UN one global government control.


Well it should be said that no one ever wants a war, but war has been and will continue to exist as long as those in power of one group or nation want something or to change something of another group or nation.   The United States has been in a war or participant in support of war for nearly every year of it’s existence.   Think of that, nearly every year of our existence the USA has been in some sort of military engagement.   While we could spend the rest of our lives debating why, the reality is our nation has been engaged with some sort of conflict for essentially every moment of our existence.  Other than the Civil War, these wars have involved other nations either attacking the USA, our allies or other global unrest where US involvement has been deemed necessary.   I look for the day that the USA is not engaged in military combat of some sort.   What is essential, however is the need to ensure that our War Powers outlined in the US Constitution is followed and the War Powers of the President are also followed.

It is essential that our government maintains Constitutionality with all it does, whether its in our Treaties and Trade Agreements, our engagement with the United Nations or our engagement with global wars.  After all, if we loose the foundation of our Constitution all hope for our nation will be lost.

Please comment on your thoughts on this subject.

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