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Found this video that was very cleverly done.  It does show how little VP Biden knows about gun defense and particularly women need in their desire of that defense. Also check out our blog Backfired:The Arming of America (http://tinyurl.com/amn9ox3), it seems many in politics know little about the subject, but seem to profess ultimate knowledge how to control gun ownership.  Enjoy!


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A few days ago was President Obama’s “State of the Nation” update to Congress and America.  While I actually liked many of the ideas expressed, I did wonder where the money is going to come from.  But this isn’t why I’m writing this.  One area that I completely disagree with is the President’s and other members in Government is their push to violate our 2nd Amendment rights. Maybe refer to my earlier post “shall not be infringed” for some context.

I was glad to learn that Olympic Arms, located in Washington State, have put New York on notice and are refusing to do business "shall not be infringed"with the state of NY and all associated government agencies.  They are standing in defiance with the unlawful enactment of gun control in New York.  They demand a repeal and apology.  Ok, so I guess NY will purchase from Remington or the many other gun makers.  Unless, maybe just maybe, these others refuse to do business with New York as well.  It’s time to stand up too.  It seems that another such arms company is refusing to sell, this is from Extreme Firepower Inc “…will not sell anything to the following local government agencies until their firearm and/or magazine restrictions have been repealed:
City of Chicago, Illinois
 New York State 
Washington, D.C.”  Extreme issued a similar statement for California “until the California legislature repeals the gun control laws that have been enacted, as these entities have lobbied in favor of statewide gun bans.”

Wait, how come I’m not seeing this on the mainstream news?  It is news that a company refuses to do business with the government of some of the largest populated states isn’t it?



So I looked a bit more into what’s going on with Olympic and Extreme Firepower, as if loosing government business could Blue-Book-Market-Demandharm a company especially in this economy.  Well much to my surprise Olympic has had such high demand they are 8-10 months in backlog on orders! That’s huge!  That’s a deeper backlog than Apple typically has on its hottest products.  So this made me wonder how are other gun manufacturers doing?  Extreme Firepower has many of it’s product in 6 to 8 month backlog as well and are refusing to take new orders until then.  Well from my cursory search, it looks like gun shops and manufacturers are in high demand.  This began before the November elections and has picked up with all the politics about gun control.

Are our politicians actually making things worse by getting the populace in a buying frenzy?  It seems they have been gearing up the gun market and more and more guns are now in the public and some might be with individuals whom only purchased because of all the discussion on banning or restrictions?  We have now flooded the country with weapons.  Good job politicians!

What does the government think we are going to do turn in our guns?  Missouri and Minnesota have proposed legislation including gun confiscation?  Are law abiding citizens now instantly criminals because unlawful regulation?  While there would be many out of fear that would comply, I believe a very large group would never turn in their guns. It’s called FREEDOM, and the USA having history of sacrifice resistance against tyranny makes this like no other nation on earth.  The USA according to Reuters has the largest armed civilian population in the world. Is the government foolish enough to send groups against its own in order to confiscate? Would the troops comply against brother or sister?  Is this like the civil war?  Would a government that claim that guns are the reason people kill be reason to kill its own, with guns?  Hypocrisy maybe?

I for one will NOT turn in my guns, molon labe!


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