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I’m watching the IRS hearings and find the lack of any responsibility by the leadership astounding.  These people receive a huge salary from the people of the United States, have taken an Oath of Office, yet IRS Abusethey don’t have a clue what’s going on, who’s in charge, who created the “inappropriate” questionnaires and ultimately stood by while many people in Cincinnati proceeded to violate the Constitution and people’s Civil Rights.

How can I get a job where I get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, essentially I would be responsible for nothing, can fail in my job, can blame that it’s others but can’t remember any names?  AND keep my job!

We want these people to expand the government and be responsible for oversight of the Affordable HealthCare Act “ObamaCare”?

WAKE UP AMERICA, Apathy and incompetence reigns in our government.

Be afraid, very very afraid.


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We’ve been hearing rumors about the IRS possibly being aggressive to conservative groups for nearly a year.  Since we no longer have mainstream media Free Press, but instead party leaning infomercial-news, this situation went on while the IG (Inspector General) was investigating for months leading up to the 2012 election.

On May 17, we hear from Mr Miller the head of the IRS, who had previously testified in front of Congress before 2013 that essentially all was well.   Today he was questioned as to why he didn’t, since he knew about the IG investigation, disclose the improprieties at the time of his testimony.  Mr. Miller’s explanation was that of someone hiding something, “I answered the questions asked” that’s what a lawyer tells a criminal when under oath.  Avoid the question by answering a preprepared answer and only answer as limited as possible to the question at hand.

As a citizen, as listed throughout the Constitution of the United States of America, I am more than appalled at how the government is conducting business.  I think the Representative from Pennsylvania has summarized this best.

Enclosed here is the IG’s report.  This is redacted which also concerns me, as we have not been given the entire report, so what’s missing?   IG Report-revised-redacted-1

For citizens to have been profiled into certain groups by name and then treated, by what appears from the IG’s report and limited testimony, beyond the scope necessary to issue tax status, appears to be civil rights violations and criminal.  For the government to restrict its citizens from exercising its lawful right as upheld by the Supreme Court in Citizens United, is criminal.

To assign this as low level employees tells me one of two things, 1) either the executive branch, management of departments and managers are incompetent (see Stretched Beyond its Limits: Executive Branch) or 2) that the executive branch, management of departments and managers are in fact competent and decided to manage the TeaParty, Conservative, Christian and Jewish groups in this specific manner.

Either answer is criminal.

As tax payers we work hard for our money, we get up go to work, manage our affairs to make money and we pay into a system anywhere from around 1%  upwards to 55% of our income in support of this very government that is restricting citizen rights.  We deserve better.  Our politicians need to focus on the running of the government they created, or we must insist you shut the parts down that you are incapable of properly managing.  And to the Appointed staff, long time government Executives, Management and Employees, we deserve better.  You are shafting your neighbors, family, communities and nation by not standing up and calling out these situations.

The President, if not then The Congress, if not then The Press should demand that a full accounting be conducted and the criminal behavior be charged where it has happened, that firings be conducted where appropriate, that organizational notice be given and that proper and lawful enforcement as needed in the collection of government money be established.  Our participation is “voluntary” thus far.  Else it is The Citizens which shall demand a change and that request would be final.

The hard working members of America are watching, do the right thing!



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California is well known for its wonderful weather, ocean coastline, fantastic high sierras, wine, culture and progressive views about society, life and government.  But it seems that California also has a bad history with police abuse.

The nation all watched the beating of Rodney King on March 3, 1991.  Then the subsequent riots after four officers were acquitted of all charges.  Watch the beating caught on tape by a bystander with a video camera.

Well we now have yet another California police involved abuse of power, but this time it has resulted in thePolice State  death of a man, David Sal Silva in Bakersfield California.   Now there were two videos taken by bystanders.  I’d like to show you those videos, but apparently these were taken by the very police who allegedly beat this man to death.  Here is the 911 call by one of the bystanders names Sulina.

A second witness named Jason Land also gave a similar account of what he saw, saying “They beat that man ‘til they killed him, right in front my face.”  It seems that more and more Police overstep their authority and step on Citizen’s constitutional rights.   Below is a short list of cases and links;

Cotati Police force into a home

Sacramento California police remove child without a warrant

In the meantime, it’s not just the police we should be worried about, we are watching nearly daily abuse of IRS Abusepower across all levels of government.  The IRS using its power to deny TeaParty, Christian and other right leaning groups not for profit status and requesting information about the members in violation of the 1st Amendment.  The DOJ has seized two months of Associated Press and House member records, with what seems to be done without proper warrant, Grand Jury or FBI defined search powers for “terrorist” activities.

I am concerned as to the loss of liberty and rights as citizens in the USA.  We see first hand the desire of the progressives in this State and in Nation to want to disarm the citizens of our 2nd Amendment right.  But the worry is, once good citizens are disarmed, then only the criminals and police will have guns and sometimes we see that the police are often criminals too.

Who is assigned to watch the watchers?  It seems the press is even now under attack of their 1st Amendment rights, which is the citizenry’s protection from government abuses.  We must stand up and call out these abuses of power, even the ever so slight abuses.  For if we allow even the slightest, it leads to apathy and acceptance of further abuses and erosion of our constitutional rights.


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“What difference at this point does that make?

Those words will resonate for years to come.  As more testimony is coming forth from individuals who were on the ground at the time of the terrorist attack are being allowed to speak, we are finding, maybe it does make a lot of difference!

We were told from our President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Susan Rice, that the attacks were caused by a video insulting the prophet Mohammad.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on September 12th, declares video is cause unplanned attack.

Ambassador Susan Rice on news Face the Nation on September 16th.

President Obama pushes this case at a United Nations Assembly on September 25th.

Libyan President Mohamed Magarief says it was a pre-planned act of Terrorism and why.

So as we are learning, this was a pre-planned attack as the cover up clears.  Here’s some more information coming out from hearings on May 8th involving Chief of Missions in Libya.

From other testimony of Chief of Missions Gregory Hicks we’ve learned the following from first hand testimony.

BREAKING NEWS:  ABC has learned that narrative that the Obama Administration were using to describe the attack in Benghazi were changed 12 times, here is the  12 Talking Points that were in fact changed to lie about the idea that it was a youtube video.

Was there a cover up?   What’s your thoughts?  What should happen next?


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