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It’s Christmas.  Merry Christmas to all.

In this season where we celebrate the birth of the Savior, attacks on religion or more specifically Christianity are in full force in the United States.   As one of our foremost freedoms, we all have the right and expectation to respect Phil-Robertson-two-lieseveryone’s right to speak out about their beliefs and opinions.   We see this example with Phil Robertson’s interview with GQ magazine, where he was speaking about his belief’s in biblical teaching, used corse examples of sin and continued to explain to the interviewer how we should love everyone, even if we are different.  This last part gets lost on many.

Not just during this season but in full force, why is it many atheists fail to observe and respect the beliefs and opinions of others with differing views?   Christians are so often called bigots, weak minded, intolerant to name a few, but, it always seems to devolve into the name calling.  Why is that?

What exactly is it that disturbs them?  For atheists, since they don’t believe in God or religion, shouldn’t their desire to be not to talk about God or religion?  In reality they are always talking about God’s lack of existence.  Why so much emphasis on something that doesn’t exist?  Maybe these type of people are Theophobic, really truly scared of their lack of faith and are fearful of the realityof God.  Whether they are Theophobic or not, they’re right to not believe doesn’t trump my right to believe.  Just as my right to believe doesn’t trump their right to not believe.  Isn’t this precisely the point of religion, belief or faith in something greater or to be believers and non-believers.  It is the whole point of Christianity at it’s essence there will be both non-believers and believers.

For same sex marriage advocates whom insist that Christians accept, isn’t this a similar issue as with atheists?  Same sex advocates, like atheists use political and social forces that tries to force society including Christians and other faiths to believe differently to what has always been biblical or other theological teachings that marriage is man and woman.

For Christian advocates that try to force their beliefs upon non-believers, shame on you.  Man cannot bring someone to Christ for we have free-will, so force clearly serves no purpose.  Yes, stand up for your faith, if you deny Christ on earth He will deny you in heaven.  Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as you would yourself.  This last part gets lost on many.

Regardless of one’s belief how we live our lives will only be judged (or not) by our creator.  We should ALL be thankful we live in this Country where our views can be expressed openly and we are not killed over it.

For whatever is your belief, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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