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This past week our national pastime has again caught the attention of many of Americans glued to their TV sets.  We watched as the American Football League and National Football League played for the honor to represent their leagues in the Superbowl.
In the National Football League playoff the San Francisco 49ers played the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle stadium.   The game was, as most playoff games, extremely intense hard-hitting exceptional play.  The game ending play was an end zone throw by San Francisco’s quarterback Kapernick to wide receiver Crabtree.  The throw was blocked by cornerback Sherman and then caught by Seattle linebacker Smith.
Shortly after the end of the game is when the controversy begins.
So what exactly happened?  The announcer was trying to get an interview with the game ending player Richard Sherman about the last play.  But to her surprise she received a rant from Sherman.  This caught her off guard as well as the NFL show’s Director as they began to cut to another picture and cut the interview short.
So the controversy begins.  In the day and age of Twitter, Facebook and bloggers, everyone took to the wires.   This has been filled with defending Sherman that he was just stating the truth, that if you don’t understand Sherman that you’re just racist.  To on the other side where extreme racists comments about Sherman were also served.
It’s not right for people to revert to name calling, racial slurs and the like.  This is far worse that any rant that Sherman does or has done and in itself highlights a major underlying problems with society. So to those that are attacking Sherman about his race, where he came from, you are just ignorant and bigots.   You are a bigger problem to society than any rant Sherman could ever have. 
So now I too am here.  I don’t know why I care at all, but I guess I do care.  Let me explain why all this is important.
Certainly Sherman’s rant doesn’t really live up to any level of scandal.  So what do we have with Sherman’s rant?   We have a society that is becoming more and more acceptable with un-sportsman like behavior.   “Anything goes as long as you win.”
To those praising Sherman for his rant in the first place.  What exactly are you defending?  Yes, you should defend Sherman being called a thug, racial slurs and the like.  He doesn’t deserve that.  He’s a successful person, one who has a story of his individual efforts in life, success which is an American dream.
But what has happened in America that prideful ranting and name calling of the competitor right after a major game-winning play should be considered ok and defended as ok?
It used to matter that our sports figures conducted themselves professionally on and off the field.  Our society’s values have declined and continue to decline in our acceptance of behaviors.
It’s not the 24 year old Richard Shermans fault,  and this has nothing to do with excusing him.  He should conduct himself with sportsmanship and dignity.  He should consider that he is a role model in our society.  He should consider that his pridefulness limits his vast proof of how great he really is.
Of course his rant is getting major air time on all the NFL after shows etc.  Good for ratings but again, missing the real point.
I believe this is about a continued decline of societal values, moral and ethical character.
We have turned into a pride-filled, ends justifies the means society.  This
Bill-Clintoncomes from what our media glorifies and from what our real leaders have represented.   We have watched a President be impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice and to lie directly to the American people, ultimately this scandal taught our youngest children about oral sex.  The result, this behavior has been rebuked by the majority of society as ok, because it’s politics, it’s ok the “end justifies the means”.   We watch again and again lying by our politicians, we just roll our eyes and move on.  
It’s normal, it’s just politics.  Isn’t the trash-talking just normal, it’s just the NFL?  It’s just sports?  
What message are we sending to our children as how they should act?
Sherman is a reflection of what he has learned from growing up in America.  He would have been about 8-9 years old, and for the past 20 years watching and learning what our society values.  It’s ok to trash-talk, it’s ok to do whatever you need to to be successful, because the “end justifies the means”.
My belief is, Sherman represented his organization poorly.
But it’s just a reflection of society as a whole.  We have plenty of leaders representing us poorly too.   Yet as long as you are on the winning side, the “end justifies the means”.  This is just a small slice of Americana, it’s really not important in the grand-scheme, unless you are really listening.
Think about what we are teaching our children.
Are you ok with where we are heading?

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