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Most every time you watch the TV news, read a political Facebook post or listen to the talking heads on the radio or news stations, it’s this group blaming that group.  th

Our freedoms have given us such important standing in the world by the way in which we operate in the public square, discourse with generally minimal if ever fear of reprisal.  Certainly there are cases where those in power pressure individuals and the masses as to things to become disgruntled about, protest and drive for change.  Change is good, as status quo really isn’t so great.   But thinking back to even our revolution, the public square while available was limited in the breath and depth of public dissemination and consumption. As we’ve moved into the modern age, this ability to communicate to the masses has shifted from word of mouth, selected articles in weekly or monthly newsprint, to daily newsprint, radio (and talk radio), TV, around the clock Cable, to near-real-time internet information flow and through such social media tools as Twitter and Facebook just about everything and anything happening around the globe if spread like wild-fire. As we shift from minimal spoon-fed information to moderately and now near real-time information, we’re deep into everything all the time.  Issues which otherwise would have never been worried about or certainly were resolved between neighbors, at the town square can now be elevated to world-wide status.

With this instant fodder, we now see things that require immediate broad brushed government intervention for everyones own good, or is it? Politicians weigh in on things that frankly have little to do with government intervention.  Look around today on the internet, when a politician weighs in first thing is blame the other party.  Blame the corporations, blame the Christians, blame the media, blame, blame blame, blame a flag, blame a race, blame this group or that group.

We should ask ourselves, is blaming actually solving any problems? th-1

We are lacking real leadership today in the United States. We are lacking people with discernment as to what needs to be done.  Is blaming a flag really any sort of answer to a problem?

The real problem is we have elected politicians, people in power in government and who are incapable of leading. We lack leaders with clarity, we have instead leaders who pander to the special interest, blow with the winds of the latest bit or byte and their social media answer is frankly irresponsible, pointless and half-baked with senseless and inane solutions, “ban a flag”.

When will the book burning begin?  s_w41_80430015

We need to expect more from our elected leaders.  We are in need of real common sense leadership.

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