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It’s the beginning of the election season for the President of the United States.  Where are we now compared to 7 years ago?

The economy has basically stabilized at low GDP growth 1-2.5% range.  The unemployment numbers are at 2009 levels, yet this seems clouded with out of the labor force numbers of nearly 94,000,000.  That’s a mighty big number, even if it were 1/4 that number 23,500,000 people, that’s huge!  Even 1/10th would be 9,400,000, very large indeed.  So employment is basically still terrible after 7 years.

After 7 years we’re pushed a media-propagandist driven agenda on a remarkable number of social ideologies which pitch one part of our citizens against another part of citizens furthering the division and divisiveness like we have never seen before.

Under the President he has either incorrectly judged or incorrectly decided foreign policy which has positioned America in a weaker position internationally.  Several of these situations include: Syria-Assad/Russia, Iraq-ISIS/L, Ukraine-Russia, Iran-Nuclear/Russia, Israel-Palestine, North Korea-South Korea, China-Currency Manipulation/Cyber Warfare.

Four years ago, we wrote an article which described 5 dominoes which may fall. While each area may have mutated from what was visible, these dominoes are real.  Take a look;  Another 4 Years, The Dominoes are Visible 

The Presidency is the toughest job in the world.  In fact, it’s become so complicated by special interests, by over-reaching authority that it’s stretched beyond it’s capability to operate with competency.  Look at the IRS scandal , as individuals extend their authority to harm citizens of opposing views and of course we hold no-one accountable !  We should be very afraid of this, consider the EPA, FCC, DOJ, DHS-TSA, BLM all of these alphabet soup agencies actually have very limited oversight, are fraught with such potential for agency abuse at the various leadership levels within each organization.  The abuse and potential yet to occur abuses have now outweighed the original usefulness of why the agencies was created in the first place!

This all suggests that less government, a constitutional based government is the only way to turn.   However, this is not and will not be reality unless the silent majority elects the right President, needed at precisely the right time, to pull back on government excesses, take control of fiscal responsibility, adheres to the rule of law and levels the playing field back in favor of the citizens and not special interest or the political elites!  November 2016 cannot come soon enough!

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Most every time you watch the TV news, read a political Facebook post or listen to the talking heads on the radio or news stations, it’s this group blaming that group.  th

Our freedoms have given us such important standing in the world by the way in which we operate in the public square, discourse with generally minimal if ever fear of reprisal.  Certainly there are cases where those in power pressure individuals and the masses as to things to become disgruntled about, protest and drive for change.  Change is good, as status quo really isn’t so great.   But thinking back to even our revolution, the public square while available was limited in the breath and depth of public dissemination and consumption. As we’ve moved into the modern age, this ability to communicate to the masses has shifted from word of mouth, selected articles in weekly or monthly newsprint, to daily newsprint, radio (and talk radio), TV, around the clock Cable, to near-real-time internet information flow and through such social media tools as Twitter and Facebook just about everything and anything happening around the globe if spread like wild-fire. As we shift from minimal spoon-fed information to moderately and now near real-time information, we’re deep into everything all the time.  Issues which otherwise would have never been worried about or certainly were resolved between neighbors, at the town square can now be elevated to world-wide status.

With this instant fodder, we now see things that require immediate broad brushed government intervention for everyones own good, or is it? Politicians weigh in on things that frankly have little to do with government intervention.  Look around today on the internet, when a politician weighs in first thing is blame the other party.  Blame the corporations, blame the Christians, blame the media, blame, blame blame, blame a flag, blame a race, blame this group or that group.

We should ask ourselves, is blaming actually solving any problems? th-1

We are lacking real leadership today in the United States. We are lacking people with discernment as to what needs to be done.  Is blaming a flag really any sort of answer to a problem?

The real problem is we have elected politicians, people in power in government and who are incapable of leading. We lack leaders with clarity, we have instead leaders who pander to the special interest, blow with the winds of the latest bit or byte and their social media answer is frankly irresponsible, pointless and half-baked with senseless and inane solutions, “ban a flag”.

When will the book burning begin?  s_w41_80430015

We need to expect more from our elected leaders.  We are in need of real common sense leadership.

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“What difference at this point does that make?

Those words will resonate for years to come.  As more testimony is coming forth from individuals who were on the ground at the time of the terrorist attack are being allowed to speak, we are finding, maybe it does make a lot of difference!

We were told from our President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Susan Rice, that the attacks were caused by a video insulting the prophet Mohammad.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on September 12th, declares video is cause unplanned attack.

Ambassador Susan Rice on news Face the Nation on September 16th.

President Obama pushes this case at a United Nations Assembly on September 25th.

Libyan President Mohamed Magarief says it was a pre-planned act of Terrorism and why.

So as we are learning, this was a pre-planned attack as the cover up clears.  Here’s some more information coming out from hearings on May 8th involving Chief of Missions in Libya.

From other testimony of Chief of Missions Gregory Hicks we’ve learned the following from first hand testimony.

BREAKING NEWS:  ABC has learned that narrative that the Obama Administration were using to describe the attack in Benghazi were changed 12 times, here is the  12 Talking Points that were in fact changed to lie about the idea that it was a youtube video.

Was there a cover up?   What’s your thoughts?  What should happen next?


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by PapaJim

In modern society it is almost impossible to find one single square inch, from the smallest town to the biggest metropolis, that is not under surveillance. On nearly every street corner, stoplight, private business, police and even fellow citizens. It is next to impossible to do anything unobserved.

Surveillance camerasNow to the average person, at first glance, it seems like a good thing. It increases security and spots crimes as they happen. Facial recognition software make it possible to spot a potential terrorist or a criminal wanted for a crime.

Now, for the most part, people look at this amazing new technology as a positive thing, a time saving convenience that has become an important part of our daily lives, growing more sophisticated and complex and taking over more and more jobs than once belonged to people.

(Still wonder where all the jobs went? They did not all go to China.)

Yet there is a more ominous side to all this technology. There now is the ability to keep track of EVERY business transaction, EVERY phone call, traffic tickets, academic records, credit reports and anything else you do.

Now there is an implantable microchip that can be inserted under the skin that can track you 24/7.Big Brother

If we had any idea of the power and personal information the Department of Homeland Security has at it’s disposal, we would probably ALL be a little shocked and a little apprehensive at the scope of authority they have been given over our every day lives.

The day has come, although not completely implemented yet, when governments can know the whereabouts of every human being in the civilized world. That is every man, woman and child.

The technology to monitor every phone call is already running with computers flagging key words.

Our children are being indoctrinated to accept the global agenda of the U.N..

There is a major attack on home schooling, in fact in some western European nations is is flat out illegal and parents are being put in jail for simply teaching their own children to read and write.

The name of God and Jesus are not allowed to be discussed is schools, but other beliefs are allowed.

GodThis whole thing would be solved by a school voucher system that would let parents choose which school curriculum and values their children are taught, but that would take the power to indoctrinate away from the schools and the government.

The sovereignty of the United States is being chipped away, piece by piece, to the United Nations by treaties that are negotiated in secret and need only the ratification of the Senate to be activated leaving Americans subject to international laws that supersede our own Constitution.

Now, if you are thinking I am jumping all over the place here, you are right. But all this does relate to a point I would like to make.

The point is America is being stolen from us right before our eyes. Confiscated in the cause of globalism. And for the first time in all history, all the pieces are all in place.

There is a general apathy that has taken over a large portion of our population. a lackadaisical attitude toward the freedoms being taken away. The attitude of “Why should I work when I can make just as much from a government check and do nothing?”. These people do whatever they are told as long as their entitlements keep rolling in.

That is what we are up against.americanapathy

There is a globalist in the White House and both the Congress and the Senate are gutless. They are more concerned about looking good on a sound bite than they are of serving the people. They are ready to cave in with the slightest pressure from the media.

The Federal Government is seizing power it was never meant or intended to have and using it in ways it was never meant to be used.

And the American people have lost the will to do anything about it.

Keep your eyes on the ball, America. It’s about to get knocked out of the park. And when it does we may never find it again.

What do you think?


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Where should we stand?  There are those that believe we should be come isolationist and just look out for ourselves and not engage on the global forum.  There are those that think we should assert ourselves and police the globe.  Well I think neither are correct.   No matter which way we sway, isolation or policeman, we need to maintain constitutional authority.  Has our leadership strayed  in exercising authority where authority didn’t exist?  Our branches of government MUST keep the other in check, specifically when it comes to

Foreign Affairs.  There is clarity in the constitution as to how war is to be engaged and whom has authority and what the limits are, how international trade and treaties are to be made and the administrative authority to do the same.  Independent of which party, what policies are to be engaged, these must be constitutional.

There are many aspects to foreign affairs, but let’s focus on three pillars; 1) Trade and international economy, 2) United Nations 3) War

International trade has been around for centuries and existed well before the United States existed.  It was a way for one nation to obtain items which their nation didn’t have in exchange for items that their nation had in excess.  It also was used to maintain peace between nations by showing their mutual respect of one another through the goods they traded.  Having treaties and international trade used to be the most important aspect of international relations.  So I ask, where has the United States been lately?  In the past 4 years there have been 3 international trade arrangements made and those were years in the making.  So why are we not looking at international trade in such a way to foster stronger ties with our Allies and fostering opportunity for engagement with those we want to have as Allies?    Instead we give foreign aid through the State Department as a sign of our desire to “become friends”?  When we give money where does it really go?  Does it really have the intended affect?  What did we really get in return?  We need to look at our Foreign aid program differently.  We should forge trade arrangements, this way there is a two way commitment and both parties can see if they are getting what was intended about of the relationship.  We must take a 21st century approach instead of the cold-war era throw money at it approach.  In reality, we have to borrow the money anyway.  Proverbs 22:7 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.  Whether or not you are religious, this statement holds true, let’s not be the borrower anymore.  We have assets in the way of food, we are one of the largest growers of food in the world, why don’t we trade real food for oil?    When we give money or weapons do we really help the people of the nation we are giving it to?  We certainly have to be smarter than we are acting.

After World War I, the United Nations or rather the League of Nations was established in
1919 under the Treaty of Versailles to promote international cooperation and achieve peace and security.  During World War II, on January 1, 1942 this evolved into the United Nations by having 26 countries come together to continue fighting together against Axis Powers.  Today the United Nations has evolved into something else than countries coming together to fight “Axis Powers”.  Ok the Axis is gone, but should the spirit be thrown away?  We have continued global threats affecting many nations, Jihad is real, many UN nations have been directly attacked by Jihad, yet the UN is denouncing Canada for their “lack of national child rights strategy“, really?  Yet, do nothing about the human rights violations of the Taliban and continuing in Afghanistan and across the Middle East?  The United Nations has become a political travesty.   The United States needs to be wary of and concerned with the our Sovereignty in relation to what the United Nations is trying to do globally.  We cannot succumb our Sovereignty to any nation or group of nations.  The latest is the United States is being “monitored” buy the UN for our November 6, 2012 election.  Huh?  The same UN that has China and Russia as leaders in the “Security Council” and won’t support true violations of human rights.  While I’m not professing that the United States should leave the UN, I believe we should not fall into the belief that our Sovereignty should be places second to UN one global government control.


Well it should be said that no one ever wants a war, but war has been and will continue to exist as long as those in power of one group or nation want something or to change something of another group or nation.   The United States has been in a war or participant in support of war for nearly every year of it’s existence.   Think of that, nearly every year of our existence the USA has been in some sort of military engagement.   While we could spend the rest of our lives debating why, the reality is our nation has been engaged with some sort of conflict for essentially every moment of our existence.  Other than the Civil War, these wars have involved other nations either attacking the USA, our allies or other global unrest where US involvement has been deemed necessary.   I look for the day that the USA is not engaged in military combat of some sort.   What is essential, however is the need to ensure that our War Powers outlined in the US Constitution is followed and the War Powers of the President are also followed.

It is essential that our government maintains Constitutionality with all it does, whether its in our Treaties and Trade Agreements, our engagement with the United Nations or our engagement with global wars.  After all, if we loose the foundation of our Constitution all hope for our nation will be lost.

Please comment on your thoughts on this subject.

©RepublicUnited 2012

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Why is it we watch good intentions be turned into law, create a government agency/department and then several years later learn they are overspending, fraught with fraud and yet instead of fixing it, we create yet another area of government to do stretched.jpgthe things that the first area can’t accomplish.  The reality is, if this government were any company or not for profit, it would have been gone from existence long ago.  But why hasn’t it?  Because it’s propped up on the backs of tax paying citizens. Ok, so am I saying we don’t need government?  No of course not.  I believe and I think most would agree the Federal government is operating beyond its limits and I suggest so much so that it’s actually not serving the people as it should.  I’d suggest it is violating in some cases the very laws it has enacted and may very well be unconstitutional what is happening. All one has to do is turn on the nightly news, any station.  This isn’t about a bias left or right attack on what’s being reported.  While there is bias, it doesn’t matter it is in fact the news, ALL of it.  I don’t mean to suggest that the news is always accurate, if even remotely close to the truth.  They don’t have to be, do they?  Really? You are now saying to yourself what’s his point, I think he lost it. Well let me suggest this.  Just look at the amount of news stories we see about government and in particular the President, his various executive departments in one week, one month, one year.  New laws enacted, laws being challenged in courts (all levels), government

agencies not operating well, abuse and scandal.  The number of Congressional hearings about why this happened or why this didn’t happen is a testament to this point. The amount of government abuse and fraud: GAO scandal, welfare, medicare, medicaid, social security, travel.  Now, this article isn’t just about Congress or Senate or President Obama, it’s about the Executive branch of the government.   I say maybe these very same points can be looked at with the Legislative branch, but for now let’s focus on the Executive. The Executive branch is the President.  Certainly this includes the various departments which have been listed in the constitution from defense, diplomatic-embassorial, trade and treaties, see Article. II. Section 2.    “In the landmark decision Nixon v. General Services Administration former Chief Justice of the United States William Rehnquist declared in his dissent the need to “fully describe the preeminent position that the President of the United States occupies with respect to our Republic. Suffice it to say that the President is made the sole repository of the executive powers of the United States, and the powers entrusted to him as well as the duties imposed upon him are awesome indeed.” wikipedia.org.

By the constant list of major problems the Executive branch is dealing with, the number of departments and subdepartments which have been made, under good intentions or misguided intentions have now engaged the citizens in such a way that the Executive branch, the President is not in control.  It is the President whom is to run the Executive branch.  This is not constitutionally been delegated or released to any one else.  So I suggest that while the President needs the heads of his Departments, there is a personal (professional and managerial) limit to the breadth of departments a single person the Commander can manage. As an individual the President cannot mentally and physically be in charge of the number of Departments and agencies under the direct and indirect command of how the Executive Branch is presently run, this applies to any President.  See Constitution Article. II. Section 2.

The President is required to follow, defend and administer the constitution, bill of rights and all other laws enacted at the time of his office.  The government is far too decentralized the Executive branch of the government has stretched beyond its ability to effectively and properly manage the Executive portion of the government within constitutional control. Example: Libya; Major breach in security and an attack on September 11, 2012.  Four Americans were killed including the Ambassador.  There has been testimony that the consulate requested additional security, there was significant failure to engage additional security.  The days after the attack the Executive branch had several different stories being portrayed as the cause and situation there.  Now there is suggestion by the White House that the Security of State was responsible for the security and they were unaware of the request, trying to distance themselves.  This lays completely to my point.  It is the President whom through his office has the authority of the Secretary of State, the Secretary of State is not an independent agency with it’s own authority, it is granted said authority through the President, the Executive. While this examples is very recent and certainly controversial, this in itself makes my point.  Should we American citizens not expect that our President operate his authority with excellence?  Should we not expect that his command and control be first relegated to the constitutional requirements and that no other such activities should be allowed as these other activities just distract the President from his ultimate responsibility, those which are outlined in Article II, Section 2.  How can one be expected to operate under control and excellence when they have such a decentralized organization as defined in Figure 1?   We need to bring this discussion to the forefront.  It’s for the betterment of our entire country that we have a Executive branch that is “excellent” and well managed, isn’t it? ©RepublicUnited 2012

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