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“What difference at this point does that make?

Those words will resonate for years to come.  As more testimony is coming forth from individuals who were on the ground at the time of the terrorist attack are being allowed to speak, we are finding, maybe it does make a lot of difference!

We were told from our President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Susan Rice, that the attacks were caused by a video insulting the prophet Mohammad.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on September 12th, declares video is cause unplanned attack.

Ambassador Susan Rice on news Face the Nation on September 16th.

President Obama pushes this case at a United Nations Assembly on September 25th.

Libyan President Mohamed Magarief says it was a pre-planned act of Terrorism and why.

So as we are learning, this was a pre-planned attack as the cover up clears.  Here’s some more information coming out from hearings on May 8th involving Chief of Missions in Libya.

From other testimony of Chief of Missions Gregory Hicks we’ve learned the following from first hand testimony.

BREAKING NEWS:  ABC has learned that narrative that the Obama Administration were using to describe the attack in Benghazi were changed 12 times, here is the  12 Talking Points that were in fact changed to lie about the idea that it was a youtube video.

Was there a cover up?   What’s your thoughts?  What should happen next?



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