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Wow, it appears that the incumbent Sheriff Laurie Smith has not only lost the support of her rank and file, but seems to have lost the support of local law enforcement associations and past Chief’s and Captains throughout and surrounding Santa Clara County have come out in favor of Sheriff Candidate Kevin Jensen.


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The Santa Clara County Sheriff race just got a bit hotter. This is an open letter from the President of the California Correctional Police Officer Association President to Mr. Ben Field head of the South Bay Labor Coalition outlining why the South Bay Labor should endorse Kevin Jensen for Sheriff 2014 and why Laurie Smith is not labor’s choice as Sheriff due to her numerous unfair practices with the CPOA. Worth the read.


Mr. Ben Field

South Bay Labor Coalition

October 28, 2013

Mr. Field,

I am Lance Scimeca, as you know; I am the current President of the Santa Clara County Correctional Peace Officers’ Association, commonly referred to as the “CPOA”. I am writing you today to voice my Association’s strong concerns regarding the upcoming SBLC interview process for Sheriff Candidates.  I am requesting that you forward the following message to the entire SBLC Board, as to alert them of the concerns of our labor force, nearly 680 individuals.

The CPOA has overwhelmingly supported retired Sheriff’s Office Captain Kevin Jensen for his bid for Santa Clara County Sheriff, 2014. Our brethren, the Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, “DSA”, who number approximately 450, have also overwhelmingly chosen to support Kevin Jensen for Sheriff. (Thus totaling over 1,100 people between both labor organizations. The CPOA, whose vote tally was 100% in favor of…

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Failed Lessons in Delayed Justice – Could You Be the Next Victim?.

It’s still many months away, but the Santa Clara County Sheriff race for 2014 is already heating up.  Check out this local blogger who seems to be well informed about this important Silicon Valley race.

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